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Gluten guardian - Best Gut Health

Gluten And Dairy Digestive Enzymes

  • Ensures full digestion of casein and gluten
  • Assists with food allergies and leaky gut
  • Reduces post-meal drowsiness and brain fog
  • Use your cheat meal to help you grow muscle
  • Helps prevent unintentional gluten and dairy exposure
  • Enjoy the occasional high-carb refeed meals and treats without the bloating caused by gluten and dairy

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gluten Guardian®

Both gluten and casein are gummy, difficult-to-digest proteins. Additionally, they have the propensity to raise immune system activity, which may result in inflammatory symptoms both inside and outside the gut. When you want to indulge in gluten-containing meals or eat out, Gluten Guardian® is fantastic, especially if you have gluten or dairy sensitivity. However, it is not a recognized treatment for allergies, Celiac disease, or severe gluten intolerance.
No illness, not Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, is treatable with Gluten Guardian®. Furthermore, it does not take the place of a gluten-free diet in treating illnesses brought on by consuming gluten. However, many Celiacs with good control find Gluten Guardian® to be a great safety net when they eat things that might contain trace quantities of gluten. Some people discover it offers great comfort following gluten consumption. Individual responses differ greatly, so you must consult your healthcare provider to determine what is best for you.
Gluten Guardian® has a two-year shelf life from the date of production, which is printed on the bottle.
Keep Gluten Guardian® in a dry, cold environment.
Most digestive enzymes lack enzymes like DPP-IV that can break down the hardest portions of gluten and casein to digest. However, DPP-IV is present in high concentrations in Gluten Guardian®, together with other synergistic enzymes that help you digest gluten-containing foods more effectively.A family of enzymes called DPP IV regulates your body’s hormones, neural activity, and inflammation. Casein and gluten that haven’t been fully digested may also contribute to the effects of some food additives by blocking the DPP-IV family of enzymes. As a result, some people benefit from regularly taking digestive DPP IV supplements to lower food-based DPP IV inhibitors in the stomach. However, it would be best if you spoke with your doctor instead because Gluten Guardian® is not licensed to treat any diseases.
There are 90 pills in a container of Gluten Guardian®.
For best digestion, take 3 capsules with water at the start of each meal. Never take more than 9 pills each day. Be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new supplement.
Children can use Gluten Guardian® without risk. One capsule is advised for every 50 pounds of body weight. Be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new supplement.
Before beginning any new supplement, diet, or exercise regimen, pregnant or nursing mothers should see a doctor.
You can dissolve the capsules’ contents in your preferred beverage. This has no impact on how well you absorb nutrients or how much health benefit you get.

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